Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki scores 30, announces retirement in last home game

Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki scores 30, announces retirement in last home game

The final game of Nowitzki's storied career will be tonight against the Spurs.

And as Dirk loaded up for his last shot, you can see Gregg Popovich in the background waving the help defender away, then clapping happily as that lovely rainbow drops through the hoop one more time. "Felt nearly like a home game, honestly".

The win was San Antonio's third straight and - combined with the Oklahoma City's win over Milwaukee - earned the Spurs the seventh seed in the National Basketball Association playoffs against either Denver, Portland or Houston.

In a fluke of scheduling, Dirk Nowitzki spent Tuesday night in Dallas, being celebrated by the fans he had inspired and lifted up for 21 seasons. Nowitzki had announced his retirement just the day before. Four of his eight triple-doubles came in the stretch, including in his final game of the season on Tuesday. "I'm trying my yoga breathing, but it's not really working that well".

Dirk Nowitzki played in front of Dallas' home crowd at the American Airlines Center for the last time as the Mavericks hosted the Phoenix Suns.

One thing is certain: The Golden State Warriors are the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, but the playoff matchups won't be known until the games end Wednesday night.

The entire night was a tribute to the franchise changer, and at one point, Nowitzki was even moved to tears. The battles we had... they were always our big brother beating up on us.

"You want to leave the game in a better place than you got it, and you've done that", Kemp said during the postgame ceremony. He started 24 games as a rookie while playing 20.4 minutes.

"The first 20, 30 seconds, I was kind of holding it (in)", Nowitzki said. "M-V-P!" Nowitzki won the league's regular-season MVP award in 2006-07 and earned NBA Finals MVP in 2011, when he delivered Dallas its lone championship.

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