How To (Finally) Change Your Name On PlayStation 4

How To (Finally) Change Your Name On PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 users can finally change their PSN Online ID starting today in North America and tomorrow in Europe.

Players can change their PSN ID via the PS4 or Sony's PlayStation website. On PS4 you navigate to Settings Account Management Account Information Profile Online ID and then can change your name by following the prompts.

For players who are anxious that their online friends might not be able to recognize them after the PSN ID change, Sony will allow players to display their old usernames together with the new one.

However, it seems that not every PlayStation 4 game will support this new name change.

PlayStation users who want to change their PSN ID a second time will be charged $9.99, or $4.99 if they are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Changing to an ID effectively means you've bought it permanently, and are free to revert to it anytime you want.

For years, Sony players have been heavily requesting the ability to change their PSN username. We've all had them, right? While a "large majority" of popular PS4 games should work, Sony can't guarantee that a name change won't cause hiccups. The old name will be displayed for 30 days.

The new feature doesn't now work on all games, though it is expected to work without a hitch on all games released post April 1 2018, and popular PS4 games released before this date.

Part of the reason why the Xbox 360 performed better than the PlayStation 3 throughout most of that generation was the strength of Xbox Live.

Q: Why is it that only games published after April 1, 2018 were developed to support online ID change?

That's not to say that all games released before that date won't display changed names, but that it's impossible to address the extent of inconsistencies given how much testing would be required.

Changing the PSN ID could be done in two different ways.

Other games that are also now facing issues are Grand Theft Auto 5, National Basketball Association 2K19, and The Last of Us, but those issues are only related to displaying users' previous PlayStation ID.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. However, it will not be supported directly on older devices such as the PS3 or PS Vita.

The potential problems are broken up into two tiers: "issues" and "critical issues".

The company say that users "may lose in-game currency whether paid for or earned", and could experience a "loss of game progress, including scores and progress toward trophy unlocking". Doing so should resolve most issues experienced.

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