Trump Tweets Graphic of His ‘Soaring’ Approval Rating - But It’s Wrong

Trump Tweets Graphic of His ‘Soaring’ Approval Rating - But It’s Wrong

However, 58 percent approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing when it comes to the economy. However, the graphic also showed that 55 percent of the respondents approve of the president, that number is not correct. The report noted that the president has been relatively consistent at a 55 percent overall job approval rating.

A segment and on-screen graphic during Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight claimed "Trump's soaring approval" rating from a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service poll was far higher than it actually was. Trump's correct overall approval rating from the poll was just 43 percent and his favorable was 41 percent.

President Trump shared Thursday "great news" on Twitter from Fox Business Network, which reported that a Georgetown University poll found the president's approval rating at 55 percent.

They added that for Trump to win a second term, he would need to repeat the dynamics of the 2016 campaign, adding that a majority of them approve his work on the economy and jobs and believe he is better at handling these issues than the Democrats.

Gallup noted it is the pollster's first measure of Trump's approval since special counsel Robert Mueller completed his probe.

The president publicly touted a separate survey released this week by Rasmussen Reports, which placed his approval ratings at 53 per cent. On a separate question, 55 percent had an "unfavorable" impression of Trump, compared with 41 percent who were "favorable".

On his show Wednesday night, Dobbs didn't just show an incorrect graphic with the incorrect approval rating. The image appears to be pulled from Fox Business host Lou Dobbs' show, which the network later corrected on-air.

While Trump has a long leash on the economy, 58 per cent of voters worry about an economic downturn and 57 per cent say the country is on the wrong track. The results had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

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