Bees found living in Taiwanese woman's eye, eating her tears

Bees found living in Taiwanese woman's eye, eating her tears

Also known as Halictidae, sweat bees are attracted to sweat and land on people to drink their perspiration.

She washed out her eye but hours later it was swollen and sore, so she went to hospital for checks.

According to CTS News, He, who was referred to by her surname only, had been tending to a family member's grave and was pulling out weeds when she felt something go into her eye.

She described feeling something in her eye, but assumed it was dirt or sand, so she tried to flush out the particles with water.

When Dr Hung looked at He's eye through a microscope, he spotted tiny legs of the bees in her ducts and feeding off the moisture and salt of her tears.

They have one of the least painful stings of all stinging insects and can be found all around the world.

As per Asia One reports that the doctors, however, managed to extract all the four bees from her eye socket.

Sweat bees are incredibly small, which makes them hard for humans to notice as they fly around, according to Terminix.

These little bees are known to live near graves and fallen trees, according to an ophthalmologist who treated her. By that evening, the woman was experiencing sharp pains and watery eyes so she sought out medical advice, according to the outlet.

He's eyesight had been reduced to under 0.1, the equivalent of 20-200 vision on the Snellen eye chart measuring visual acuity, Hung told reporters.

"Thankfully she came to the hospital early, otherwise I might have had to take her eyeball out to save her life".

The bees were extracted, and the woman is expected to make a full recovery. If she had, it could have worsened her inflamed cornea or potentially led to blindness, Apple Daily Taiwan and other media outlets reported.

The bees are still alive and have been sent to another organization so they can be studied.

"This is the first time in Taiwan we've seen something like this", he added.

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