Democratic House chairs demand full Mueller report by April 2

Democratic House chairs demand full Mueller report by April 2

In a joint statement, the leaders says that Barr's past "bias" against the special counsel inquiry shows he is "not in a position to make objective determinations".

Guthrie impelled Sanders to answer whether or not Trump was being too harsh to special counsel Robert Mueller over the Russian Federation investigation.

A number of people also saw this occasion as a flawless meme-making opportunity, getting creative in their mockery of the "collusion theory" proponents. They also pointed out that Mueller's investigation led to the indictment or guilty pleas of six Trump aides, including his personal attorney, campaign chairman, and national security adviser.

Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find evidence that President Donald Trump's campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russian Federation to influence the 2016 presidential election but reached no conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice.

"It's not unreasonable to give the special counsel and the Justice Department just a little time to complete their review in a professional and responsible manner", McConnell said on the Senate floor.

"This should never happen to another president", she said.

Napolitano said that by doing so, Barr "is opening a can of worms for the president and throwing a lifeline to House Democrats" for more investigations of obstruction.

Nadler said he plans to ask Barr to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about his letter and Mueller's investigation, and threatened to subpoena him and the Mueller report for public release.

President Donald Trump's campaign has sent a letter to TV news producers presenting its blacklist of Democratic politicians, and intelligence experts, who have spoken critically, on air, of the president.

Trump also still faces potential legal peril in the future from the Southern District of New York's investigation into the use of hush money during the campaign and other probes. There's no evidence that the attorney general is not going to produce as much information as possible for all of us, and that's why I objected. Those candidates hit a strikingly similar note on Sunday, calling for the full report to be made public and casting doubt on Barr's summary of it. "A short letter from Trump's hand-picked Attorney General is not sufficient", Senator Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter. "I want the whole damn report", Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted.

Cummings, whose Oversight Committee has broad authority to investigate the executive branch and its leaders, has sent a bevy of letters to administration officials on a half-dozen topics, including some inquiring whether Trump overrode the advice of career Federal Bureau of Investigation officials to help his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, obtain top clearances.

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