EA is investigating why Anthem is crashing PS4s

EA is investigating why Anthem is crashing PS4s

ANTHEM just can't catch a break, can it?

According to the folks over at the /r/AnthemTheGame subreddit, Anthem refunds haven't been distributed out evenly, with them being given to players who are experiencing a particular issue with the shooter.

One player even says the game bricked their console.

"Twice now when trying to matchmake my PS4 has completely turned off", explained one poster on Reddit, "Happened to me as well", adds another.

So far, EA has confirmed that they are looking into the issues and are hoping to find out more about what is causing the problem.

It does not solve the bug itself that is now causing it to crash and brick while playing Anthem, so it is best to avoid the game until EA provides an update. Oddly enough, these issues seem to be now only on PS4 and not PC or Xbox One.

Have you experienced the crashing issues mentioned on Reddit? Yet that's the case with Bioware's Anthem, as players have taken to Reddit to share their concerns about the game's imminent crashing on the PS4.Fortunately, it appears that Sony have begun issuing refunds for those affected.

Bugs and the occasional crash are nothing new for online games. One user report described it as if they had pulled the plug of the console from an electrical outlet. And if you've yet to pick up Anthem on any platform, you may want to wait until EA or Sony can come up with an official solution.

BioWare is a talented team and has already shown their commitment to fixing the game, but will gamers and EA stand by Anthem long enough?

Now, Sony is notoriously strict when it comes to player refunds. Another redditor noted that Sony's refunds may be based on the existing "goodwill" system, in which every player can receive a refund on one game only. When a PlayStation 4 restarts after a hard crash, players are prompted to report crash data and the system runs a check on its drives.

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