The Jonas Brothers Have Recorded 40 New Songs

The Jonas Brothers Have Recorded 40 New Songs

If you hadn't already heard, the Jonas Brothers officially announced their reunion and dropped their brand new single "Sucker". Fans are excited about the song which they are having together after a long time.

Priyank looks alluring in Jonas brother new single sucker video, Recently she shared some behind the scene pictures on Instagram for her fans, Where in one of her picture she can be seen wearing a headpiece with floral accents and jewelry all around her forehead and in the other she hugs husband Nick Jonas. Jonas Brother dedicated this song to the love of their life and features, Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner also. We had the best time shooting this video in England with our family.

The brothers said crooning about their love for their three leading ladies was a family affair.

The couples light up the video every time they appear. "You know, we started making the documentary about a year and a half ago which was really meant to be about our childhood, our story while we were working together and then our lives now", Nick, 26, explained.

Kevin said, I've always been focused on my family, whilst for the last five years Nick and Joe have been doing their own thing, but now to come back and be doing this as a family again, and honestly bringing them along with us, it's going to be such a different day. But now they all have reunited and got good vibes for the future. Nick Jonas also tweeted "My wife is soooooo handsome in this video!" They signed with Disney's Hollywood Records label in 2007, and their albums have sold millions of copies worldwide.

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