Commercial flights to and from Pakistan, India disrupted as tensions rise

Commercial flights to and from Pakistan, India disrupted as tensions rise

The address came after Pakistan Air Force (PAF) successfully targeted non-military targets across the Line of Control earlier in the day to demonstrate Pakistan's aggressive capabilities, and shot down two Indian Air Force jets after they crossed the LoC.

And on Wednesday, a fuller response came: Pakistan said it had shot down two Indian aircraft over its territory.

India confirmed that Pakistan downed one of its fighter jets MiG-21 and the pilot had gone missing, which Pakistan claimed that he was in its custody.

Hours after his arrest, a video of the Indian pilot was released by Pakistan army.

Pakistan has the custody of only one IAF pilot. We know they suffered casualties.

Meanwhile, Pakistan claimed the wing commander will be held according to Geneva Convention.

Ghafoor, the Pakistani military spokesman, said the strikes were aimed at "avoiding human loss and collateral damage".

India's Ministry of External Affairs has asked for "his immediate and safe return".

The agency says in a statement that the airspace was closed on Wednesday, without elaborating or indicating when flights might resume.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the Turkish President to mediate between Pakistan and India, Trend reports via Turkish media.

The crisis in relations between India and Pakistan sharply worsened after February 14, when a suicide bomber blew himself up near paramilitary policemen in Jammu and Kashmir in northern India.

The aerial engagement between India and Pakistan for the first time since the 1971 war marked a dramatic escalation of confrontation prompting world leaders to urge the two neighbouring countries to exercise "utmost restraint".

There is a very high risk of escalation towards localised, but more intense direct Indian-Pakistani military confrontation in Kashmir. "Further military activity will exacerbate the situation", the spokesperson said.

It comes a day after India struck what it said was a militant camp in Pakistan in retaliation for a suicide bombing that killed at least 40 Indian troops in Kashmir - the deadliest to take place during a three-decade insurgency against Indian rule in Kashmir.

The shelling earlier Wednesday by India hit the village of Kotli in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, killing six civilians, including children, local police official Mohammad Altaf said.

The IAF destroyed the biggest Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror camp in Pakistan on Tuesday, killing almost 300 terrorists.

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