China blasts 'unfair and immoral' measures against Huawei

China blasts 'unfair and immoral' measures against Huawei

Vodafone's Chief Executive Nick Read said on Friday that the Huawei debate was playing out at a "too simplistic level", adding that it was an important player in an equipment market dominated by three companies.

The comments come as tensions between Huawei and Western governments mount amid concerns Chinese authorities could use the firm's equipment for espionage.

Carriers are becoming wary of expanding their ties to Huawei amid a USA -led crackdown on the largest telecom-equipment supplier. Huawei has been expected to play a key role in the development of next-generation mobile networks in Europe, the company's biggest market outside China, but some countries are starting to rethink its involvement. Vodafone uses Huawei in the core of its Spanish network and some other smaller markets, but most of its spending with the Chinese vendor has been radio-access network gear. Huawei is also a major supplier of equipment for radio-access network components on mobile towers.

Vodafone has halted the purchase of Huawei equipment for parts of its network amid political uncertainty surrounding the Chinese supplier.

"Huawei is much more expensive today than its competitors but it's also much better", said a spokesperson at a European operator who asked not to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

Countries including New Zealand, Australia and the United States have blocked Huawei equipment from being used in the radio access market, citing national security concerns over the rollout of 5G.

China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd announced on Thursday its consumer business sales made a record of over 52 billion US dollars in 2018 on strong demands for its smartphones.

Yesterday, a spokesman for Siro said it had raised the issue of security with Huawei but that the partnership agreement remains in place.

However, this is the first time we've had official confirmation from the China-based manufacturer that it will show off the 5G foldable phone, and there's not long to wait, with MWC 2019 running from February 25 - 28.

However, since 2012 the U.S. has been concerned about the security implications of letting a Chinese firm with links to the People's Liberation Army and the Communist Party supply telecommunications equipment.

In December 2018, Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver.

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