And They're Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020

And They're Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday defended her decision to take a DNA test to prove Native American ancestry, though she insisted that 'I am not a person of color'.

"It's time to dream big and fight hard, not just for those at the top, but for an America that works for everyone", Warren told about 500 in western Iowa Friday evening. Elizabeth Warren watches her carbs and calories even when hitting the sauce.

Angela Nelson, 50, a special education teacher from Omaha, Nebraska, said she was concerned to see questions raised about Warren's likeability amid comparisons to Hillary Clinton, the unsuccessful 2016 Democratic nominee. "While Warren won reelection, her margin of victory in November suggests there's a ceiling on her popularity; Republican governor Charlie Baker garnered more votes than her in a state that is supposed to be a Democratic haven". The first Democratic presidential debate is this June, however. "We're going to challenge you".

'Yes, you can!' an audience member said in response. But her choice to effectively engage the criticism from the President and others in October with a DNA test irked many Democrats and overshadowed her midterm message. In fact, the Cherokee Nation, of which Warren claims to be a blood member, rebuked the MA senator for even daring to claim Cherokee ancestry without going through the proper channels or providing anything in the way of proof she's a descendant of anyone of Native ancestry.

She didn't hesitate, however, to allude to potential rivals Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, both billionaires, by arguing for elections free from the influence of billionaires.

"There are too many people who get their power from turning working people against working people", the Massachusetts Democrat said a day later in Storm Lake during a riff on long-stalled talks over comprehensive immigration revisions. "After a couple of years of Trump, we're ready to just say what we believe".

High school senior Maggie Bashore said she was curious, but looking for someone younger than Warren, who is 69. Many Democrats seized on the same report, determined to lay down a marker to ensure that Warren and the other women likely to run - so many of them politically and personally distinct from Clinton in so many ways - be spared a very similar treatment.

"I take nothing away from Sen".

"We need somebody who is focusing on our generation", Bashore said. We want to know about you.

KHALID: Including from reporters, which is rather notable because I would say she is one senator who's been rather notorious for her aversion to talking to the press as a senator. Warren's staff logged the names and contact information for those interested in more information. "Tribes, and only tribes, determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference", Warren said.

Warren's visit is an effort to gain an early advantage in the state.

In her Iowa swing, the MA senator made a rare move in kicking off the Iowa campaign in the western, rural part of the state - Council Bluffs - deep Republican territory and the congressional district of conservative firebrand Rep. Steve King.

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