Lakers Rumors: Three-team Trevor Ariza trade declined by Phoenix Suns

Lakers Rumors: Three-team Trevor Ariza trade declined by Phoenix Suns

However, the Suns reportedly thought it was Dillon Brooks in the deal and not MarShon.

According to ESPN, the Wizards are trying to finalize a multi-team trade to acquire forward Trevor Ariza from the Suns.

In an added wrinkle, The Athletic reported that the Grizzlies "never" discussed Dillon Brooks with anyone while building the deal's framework, only MarShon. With Memphis' strong desire to hold on to Dillon, they eventually pulled themselves out of the deal with the Wizards and Suns.

So, with his name at the center of the confusion, Dillon made a decision to tweet out a pretty flawless response to the entire situation.

Time will tell if Sarver is able to look past that mental block if the Lakers and Suns are able to loop in a third team for a trade.

Maybe some people believe that it's understandable that a franchise could get the details mixed up due to players on the same team having the same last name. To summarize what happened: Ariza, Kelly Oubre, and Austin Rivers were not traded, all because of a miscommunication between the Suns and the Grizzlies. The Suns wanted Dillon Brooks as part of the return, while the Grizzlies had no interest in moving him.

Several other teams were already pushing the Suns to get back involved in a deal for Ariza, including the Lakers and Houston Rockets, league sources said.

Ariza signed a one-year, $15 million deal with Phoenix this summer.

The confusion caused by the reports was seemingly no more clear to the public than it was to the teams involved in the trade. Meanwhile, the Wizards were playing in Brooklyn on Saturday, and as CBS Sports' James Herbert reported, Oubre and Rivers left the arena thinking they'd been traded.

Ariza is not eligible to be traded until December 15, which is when players who signed free agent contracts this offseason can be dealt. MarShon Brooks has appeared in just 24 games the past two seasons.

Wojnarowski has since reported that Phoenix and Washington are still on contact over a deal centered around Ariza, while Memphis has completely pulled out.

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