Rudd suggests alternatives to May's plan if Brexit deal defeated

Rudd suggests alternatives to May's plan if Brexit deal defeated

Leading pro-Brexit Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has called for a leadership contest, wrote in the Mail on Sunday that May should stand down, regardless of whether her deal is defeated in the House of Commons.

Both sides also strongly object to a "backstop" provision in the Brexit agreement that would keep Britain in a customs union with the EU in order to guarantee an open border between EU member Ireland and the U.K.'s Northern Ireland.

"If it doesn't get through, anything could happen - People's Vote, Norway-plus, any of these options could come forward and none of them are as good as the current arrangement we have got with the Withdrawal Agreement to vote on on Tuesday".

According to a person familiar with the matter, May met with her top ministers in London late on Thursday to discuss options, which included offering MPs a bigger say on the Irish border issue.

"If you're going to have a referendum, that is going to affect the foundation, the constitution of our country forever, you better do that within the law", she says.

The backstop could keep Britain locked to numerous EU's rules indefinitely if a trade deal is not agreed in the "transition period" and the United Kingdom would only be allowed to leave with the bloc's permission.

The former Foreign Secretary's bid comes just ahead of the crunch vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal in parliament, which is widely expected to be voted down by a huge margin, putting her under pressure to resign.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay told the Sunday Telegraph the government is "preparing for all scenarios".

Britain could consider a so-called "Norway-plus" deal with the European Union if Prime Minister Theresa May fails to win lawmakers' approval for her Brexit deal, a senior British Cabinet minister said Saturday.

Theresa May is said to be weighing a plan to postpone the crunch vote on her Brexit deal in an attempt to avoid a landslide defeat that would risk a major United Kingdom political crisis.

"If she goes out and gets the deal we want on those two key points then she will remain as our Prime minister as she will have done the deal that she was asked to do", the Tatton MP told Sky's Ridge On Sunday programme.

Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd suggested a "Norway plus" model as an alternative to her party leader's deal if it is voted down by Parliament on Tuesday.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Scotland over the weekend, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said Labour would not do a power-deal with the SNP but invited opposition MPs to "gather" around the flag of their alternative Brexit plans.

When I say if this deal does not pass we would truly be in uncharted waters, I hope people understand this is what I genuinely believe and fear could happen.

"If we go into government straight away we would start negotiating straight away".

But Johnson used a column in the Sun on Sunday to argue that "the best way to get a great deal is to prepare for no deal" by rejecting May's draft.

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