Thousands protest G20 policies as world leaders meet

Thousands protest G20 policies as world leaders meet

Two European officials involved in the discussions said the USA was stymieing progress on both.

In May, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared the trade war "on hold" after Beijing agreed to increase its purchases of USA soybeans and liquefied natural gas - a move that could have put a dent in China's massive trade surplus with the United States. For example, a draft says 19 of the participants agree on the importance of upholding the Paris climate accord, but the US doesn't.

"This is a big headwind for the US consumer", he said.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly about the closed-door discussions. The White House said Trump had made a decision to cancel the get-together following a meeting with his top foreign policy advisers after boarding Air Force One, even though no new information had publicly emerged.

"We are in a position to deal with it and handle it very well", he told reporters.

The US, Canada and Mexico are scheduled to sign the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that is replacing the Nafta trade deal during a ceremony on Friday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, separately met with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, the State Department said.

A substantive deal between the United States and China could mark a major feat for the G20 summit, where expectations for collective action have been low.

At their summit previous year, the G-20 nations agreed in a joint declaration that they will "continue to fight protectionism including all unfair trade practices and recognize the role of legitimate trade defense instruments".

Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who was also the term president for the summit, welcomed guests, including 19 world leaders and European Union representatives.

The second session covered sustainable development and climate change, while the third session discussed infrastructure for development, energy and a sustainable food future. "The booming!", the president Tweeted on Thursday. -China trade dispute to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Trump cited Russia's seizure of Ukrainian ships last week as the reason he canceled a planned bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Just getting to know each other and so far so good, I think it's going to be a great relationship", Mr Trump said in the meeting in Buenos Aires on Friday local time. Russia's foreign minister regretted the move, but said "love can't be forced".

Trump also is not meeting privately in Buenos Aires with the crown prince, who is trying to rebuild his image after the killing of Washington Post columnist and royal family critic inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

French President Emmanuel Macron told the prince in a separate meeting that Europeans will insist on global experts being part of the investigation into Khashoggi's killing.

Bin Salman told Macron not to worry, but Macron countered, "I am anxious".

Saudi Arabia has said the prince had no prior knowledge of the murder.

Trump's administration is mulling whether to apply fresh tariffs on imported autos under national-security grounds, as it did on steel and aluminum imports this year.

It is to be the crown prince's first significant appearance overseas since the killing. Trump is also slated to speak on the sidelines with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has acted as an avid cheerleader for Trump's diplomatic opening with North Korea.

Trump has hailed the agreement as evidence of his negotiating prowess and said the pact would benefit American workers.

"These agreements are massive, and a vast number of technical details need to be scrubbed and wrapped up", she said.

The leaders received a grand and warm welcome upon arrival in Buenos Aires.

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