Facebook and Instagram hit by service issue

Facebook and Instagram hit by service issue

Facebook has begun rolling out a feature that shows you how much time you spend using the social network, as first reported by TechCrunch. The feature has been specifically created to help with Facebook addiction, but also to enable users to better manage their social networking.

Time spent on Instagram is also not counted, but that's understandable, seeing how they are essentially separate apps. They took to Twitter to ask friends whether they faced similar problems and it was.

According to the site downdetector there have been reports of problems accessing Facebook and Instgram from far and wide - including the USA, Vietnam, Argentina and the UK.

As usual, many turned to other social media platforms to share memes and express their gripes about the issues. "We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution".

Facebook is now down for many users.

Are you experiencing difficulties with Facebook and Instagram?

The report revealed that the company had used a Republican-linked consulting firm, Definers Public Affairs, to plant stories in the media attacking Facebook competitors and critics, including Apple, Google, Tim Cook and George Soros.

With that, it has been able to deactivate more than 1.6 billion accounts from April to September, 200 million more than a previous six-month period.

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