Where low 2016 voter turnout overlaps with key races this year

Where low 2016 voter turnout overlaps with key races this year

The week-long early voting period runs through October 30, except Sunday, from 8:30 a.m.to 6 p.m.at parish registrar of voters' offices and other designated locations.

In Harris Country, which includes Houston, 63,188 went to the polls to cast ballots, compared with 20,215 two years ago and this year's figure even beat out first-day voting in the past two presidential elections, which generally have a much higher turnout, according to The Houston Chronicle. Voting locations in the Keys will be open from 8:30 a.m.to 5 p.m.

"I just got out of class", Terrance Johnson, 25, said shortly before 11 a.m.as he left the portion of MDC's library converted into one of Miami-Dade County's 28 early voting sites.

When voters cast their ballots early, as they can at any of the Dallas County locations above, they get the convenience of being able to vote where they want, when they want during the weeks leading up to Election Day.

If you've been to a political event this election season, there are two dates that speakers have tried to sear into your memory.

"I have never seen a line for midterm elections before and it is a thrill", Ellen Kanner said. The administration of Gov. Rick Scott contended campus buildings could not be used for early voting, but that decision was challenged in federal court.

There won't be as many polling locations open as on Election Day, but every single town and city in MA is required to have at least one polling location for early voting.

How many people voted early in the past?

Before you come out to vote, you can check wait times at polling places near you online. "I can assure you once work lets out, you're going to have wait times", she said. Once the Election Commission confirmed that her name was missing from the ballot, however, officials closed the polls, the candidate said.

Many voters say they've been doing their researching before casting their ballot.

Democrats are the largest voting bloc so far.

"Law enforcement will be working the streets to make sure that voting in our county is fair and that everyone's voice is heard".

"Of course I was in sheer disbelief", the candidate said. If you recently moved, you must vote at the polling place for your new address if you've resided there for at least 10 days; and, yes, you will have to register first.

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