China slams Trump's 'irresponsible and absurd logic' on N. Korea

China slams Trump's 'irresponsible and absurd logic' on N. Korea

At the Singapore summit in June, President Donald Trump promised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he would sign a peace declaration officially ending the Korean War soon after their meeting.

"A lot of people, like me, feel that the U.S. is first in the world when it comes to twisting the truth, and irresponsible and absurd logic", Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing.

Trump took military commanders by surprise in June when, after talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he announced that "provocative" drills with Seoul would be suspended. He said he believed Pyongyang was under "tremendous pressure" from China, due to its ongoing trade dispute with the USA, and that Beijing was also supplying the North Korean regime with "considerable aid", including fuel, fertilizer and commodities.

Late last week, President Trump directed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel an upcoming trip to North Korea, but left the door open for future discussions. Trump said China was to blame for the aborted trip, alleging that Beijing was preventing denuclearisation by not acting, reported the South China Morning Post.

China, North Korea's traditional ally and main trading partner, joined the United States in adopting tough global sanctions against Pyongyang in 2017, which the Chinese government says it is still enforcing.

The US president on Wednesday shrugged off any responsibility and instead sought to shift the blame onto Beijing - North Korea's only ally in the region - citing its "tremendous pressuring" of Pyongyang.

"We know that China is providing North Korea with considerable aid, including money, fuel, fertilizer and various other commodities".

Trump's statement focused on China's role in efforts to get North Korea to denuclearize. "This is not helpful!" he tweeted on Wednesday evening.

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