Wall Brawl Miami Celebrates Graffiti: Guests Decide Winner Through Popular Vote

Competitions naturally intrigue people. Art, unbeknownst to many, keeps society alive, and everyone wants to be the “best” at what they do. Combining art and competition has led to recent popular entertainment. It’s evident in reality-television shows that present contenders battling it out to earn the description of the “best.” Apron-clad players clutter kitchens with hopes of creating the “best” dishes on popular shows; fashion designers craft elaborate pieces from scratch in attempts to be a top designer.

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Artopia Showcases Masterminds: Coral Gables Museum Hosts Multi-Sensory Gathering

For Artopia eventgoers, cocktails and food will tantalize, music will stimulate, and fine art and fashion will entice the senses.

The seventh annual multi-sensory gathering, presented by Miracle Mile and Downtown Coral Gables, will showcase food, art, fashion, music, dance and cocktails on February 26, 2015 at the Coral Gables Museum. The highlight of the evening will be the Miami New Times’ MasterMind Awards. The award grants $1,000 to three local artists, writers, craftspeople or other performer whose work “stands out for its enterprise, creativity, and genius.”

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GrassRoots Fest Celebrates Virginia Key: 70-Year-Old Campgrounds Steeped in History

Nestled in the lush beachfront corners off the Rickenbacker, Virginia Key Beach Park provides a beautiful escape from the burdens of city dwelling. Yet, the sandy, palm-tree-lined grounds reveal more than nature’s secrets. The 70-year-old campgrounds also dispel a history of segregation; an “only colored” beach in the 1940s, the park today is a site for uniting the community through the arts and culture.

Taking place beginning on Thursday, Feb. 19 through Sunday, Feb. 22, the fourth-annual Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music and Art will host a special multi-media performance to commemorate the anniversary of the natural treasure, where the festival has occurred for the past five years. The event will celebrate the evolution of the park from a dwelling space of racial division to a natural location of community building.

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FIU Spends Half Million On Miss Universe? Controversies Befall the Miss Universe Pageant 2015 [Article for the]

Controversies befall the Miss Universe Pageant 2015 and it hits us here, locally. The question is, “What is this doing in education and world politics?”

“World peace” is the answer most likely to be given by a beauty queen contestant when asked: “What would you like to see in the world?” Most of us really do want peace on Earth, but answering the prompt with such naïve, lingual simplicity would make one’s intelligence questionable in today’s world where harmony on earth seems a thing of fairy tales-not even possible in the world of the Miss Universe Pageant, where makeup magic twinkles her wand over most flaws.  Read more on the


Miami Beach Celebrates Bygone Style [Article for the]

Art Deco is a style of visual art, design and architecture that originated in the Jazz Age and flourished until the 1940s. Angular, symmetrical geometric forms and vivid, contrasting pastel colors distinguish the elegant design. Remnants of the bygone style still linger in various parts of the world, and (our very own) Miami Beach has the largest collection of restored Art Deco hotels and apartment buildings— their pastel colors, rainbow-bright, overreaching bold shapes in doorways, windows, and balconies that shine under the constant sun.  Read more at

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Whole Foods Downtown Miami’s Artsy Parking Lot [Article for the]

The long anticipated Whole Foods Market Downtown Miami opens on Jan. 14. The healthy supermarket giant is following the growing trend of local businesses: showcasing street art on their walls. Vehicular bound shoppers will view an underground gallery of murals, created in December following Art Basel inside the grocery store’s parking garage.  Read more on the


Buskerfest Takes to Miami’s Streets: Busking Has History Here and Beyond [Article for]

Although “busking” dates back to antiquity, the art of performing in public spaces is far from being ancient history. Busking is very alive in most major cities around the world. In fact, the more cultured a city, the more street performers one will encounter. T.think New York City or Barcelona. Well, the Magic City is no exception to this cultural phenomenon. On Friday, Dec. 12 from 4 to 8 p.m., local musicians, actors, theater troupes, comedians, acrobats, dancers and more will be performing for street passers-by at the ground level of the Metromover Inner Loop stations.  Read more of “Buskerfest Takes to Miami’s Streets: Busking Has History Here and Beyond” on the